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Reign Meme - [1] Pairing ϟ Mary x Francis

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yeah bitches

yeah bitches

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black clothes


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I’ll tattoo that on me

I’ll tattoo that on me

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224/365 (by the constant emptying)

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[ i l o v e w o r d s ] 


I’m here to see the life goes on and I really don’t know what to do to control the situation. Maybe I’m a maniac of control, maybe I’m just paranoic, but all around me I see people go on with their objectives, they thinking to the future and they already know what the future will expect for them.. I try to see my future and I look around me and I see nothing, I see none there to waiting for me, none to say “Hey, what’s up? Where have u been? I’m here for ya, to guide u, to stay on ur side for every right or wrong choice.”
I think to my future and I’m really trying to control my destiny, but is it even worth?

marry me

marry me

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